Introducing Termii Go!
Global communication made easy
Integrate customer connections and verifications seamlessly across media like voice, email, SMS, and WhatsApp.
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A leading provider of communication solutions.

Connect and verify customers seamlessly across channels like sms, voice, email and whatsapp.

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Cross-channel messaging
Engage, confirm, and authenticate customers using SMS, email, voice, and instant messaging channels
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99% delivery
Enhance OTP and notification delivery using uniquely generated IDs and numbers
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Quick integration
Quickly integrate powerful APIs to start building solutions for SMS and WhatsApp messaging, voice, video, and email
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Cost saving
Sending out OTP messages is more cost-effective if you detect restricted contacts and network changes before sending out the message

Create unique solutions targeted to your roles

Built for developers and digital marketers alike. Get our product tailor made for you.

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Chief Technology Officers
Deploy the messaging system that is most affordable and trusted by brands who are experiencing rapid growth.
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Software Engineers
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Digital Marketers
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Connect you with customers with personalized interactions and trusted global communications
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Deliver messages efficiently

Drive retention by sending and receiving messages from customers across sms and whatsapp channels

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Over 1 Billion Customer Transactions Processed
Thousand of fast growing businesses use Termii to verify and engage their customers daily

Built with Termii

More and more organizations worldwide are using Termii - and they aren't looking back

Piggyvest enables millions Africans to better manage and grow their finances with ease (using Termii's verification and messaging APIs)
Omnibiz uses Termii's messaging API to enable millions of Nigerians to get the best out of their money at no extra charges, also culturing the save and spend culture
Communication just got better for businesses
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