Personalized Marketing for Teams

Spend less acquiring new customers and get existing customers to keep coming back after their first purchase by tracking their buying patterns and sending-out personalized email promotions.

Track customers buying patterns

Get an overview of what customers are buying, their services requests, purchase history and payments made over a period of time.

Categorize leads from your websites

Generate new leads through simple forms integrated into your website and automatically place them into different categories.

Send personalized email promotions

Advertise specific products to different customers based on their purchase history and interaction with email promotions.

Success Story

African Hub International retained over 60% of customers who paid for their services in 2016 after choosing to build their website and manage all email messaging & sales transactions through Termii.


Termii has been instrumental to the growth of my business and i love how they respond to customer requests!

Mrs. Oluwole Oluneye

Executive Director - African Hub Intl.

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Experience awesome built-in marketing tools
needed to retain customers.

Create customer profiles

Save time and create customer profiles via direct website forms and simple excel sheets

Design email templates

Design email marketing templates using simple pre-built design tools

Track your payments

Receive payments, issue out invoice and automatically generate payment reports

Receive real-time alerts

Get real-time notifications and respond to customers requests easily

Track Customers Interests

See what customers are interested in each time you send an email promotion or message

Hire Support staffs

Hire an expert to craft your contents and design your email templates