Commerce Messaging for sellers

As a seller, Termii offers you all you need to reach more customers online. It's easy, simple and affordable.

We ensure your email messages get seen

We offer you multiple options to send and share your email messages to as many customers as possible.

We transform your message to a one-time online store

We ensure that your email messages convert leads to customers by transforming it to a shareable one-time online store.

We provide quality marketing support

We have a pool of digital marketers who are ready to help you scale up your marketing efforts and engage customers effectively.

Features that Brings-in-the Customers

Termii has all the necessary built-in features and design tools sellers need to reach more customers.
And we'll keep designing more.

Communicate with ease

Send email messages to customers easily using pre-built email messaging templates

Activate customers easily

Save time and activate new leads via api, forms, excel and custom landing pages

Transform how you sell

Design and send email messages that can accept subscriptions and receive payments

Expand your reach

Get a Termii license to increase your customer base and gain access to more customers within your industry

Track Buyers Interests

Monitor what buyers are clicking or viewing as well as thier exact location each time you send an email message

Hire Digital Marketers

Save yourself the headache of marketing and hire an expert to design, craft and send your email messages