Set timed workflow messages

Save yourself the stress of sending customer messages every day — simply set automated messages whenever you want

Boost customer loyalty

Keeping a client can be difficult — set automated messages that shows to your customers you care

Send multiple timed messages

Having super powers is cool, that's how it feels when you set-off multiple marketing messages at intervals

Trigger timed messages Via API

Take charge of your marketing process — trigger automated marketing messages directly from your web or mobile application

Features that make you a Boss

Take charge of your marketing team, automate all
your workflow messages and trigger automated
responses whenever a user does anything


Set group customers

Set which of your customers you would like to activate workflow messages for based on existing customer lists


Activate Trigger Conditions

Set conditions that should be met before an automated message is triggered — based on the number of intervals


Organize Workflow

Design and organize your marketing workflow process — determine how you want your marketing messages to be sent


Send Using Multiple Servers

Add multiple servers to send your messages from eg. sendgrid, and Amazon SES — this ensures your messages gets seen