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Questions awesome customers like you often ask

Do you sell customers data?

No, We don't. We take data protection personal. We ensure that all data sets on our network are well protected and use customers data only within our network.

Can you manage my account?

Yes we can. For all users, We provide (on request) remote managers who are equipped to help your business meet its marketing goals.

Can i manage my account myself?

Yes you can. Termii offers you an option to run your account yourself or hire well trained remote managers to manage your account for you.

Can i integrate other platforms?

Yes you can. Termii thrives more on third-party integrations because our aim is to help you optimize and enhance your marketing & communication process

How do i track my progress?

Our system automatically tells you how your messages / marketing campaigns are doing and what people are interested in per-time based on their location.

When does my P-A-U plan expire?

Your pay-as-you-use plan lasts for only 1 year. After this period, your account will automatically renew itself or you can request for an upgrade to our paid plan.

How protected is my data?

Your data is well protected. We don't share customers data with third-party entities without approval and our data-centers are safely secured in Chicago (U.S).

Do you give money refunds?

If your account or sent messages go south and it happens to be our fault, we would do our best to resolve the issue and do a % refund of the service charge.

Can i track my campaigns?

Yes you can. We give paid users a pro-account environment that helps them monitor, comment and review the progress of their campaigns.