Track sales activities

Monitor sales activities on a daily basis, track all email service requests and get an overview on recent leads added to your customer list.

Work as a team

Assign customer email requests to a team member, track each team member's activity and share marketing ideas on the go.

Respond to customer requests

Receive customer email requests through simple forms integrated into your website and respond to these requests effectively.

Simple customer engagement Features

With no coding required, you can take charge of your customer engagement
process and send awesome emails to new and existing customers


Import email leads

Upload multiple email leads at once using multi-upload functions — it's easy fast and extremely simply


Receive customer requests

Design and integrate service forms on your website and start receiving customer service requests


Convert requests to tasks

Respond to customer requests faster, convert and assign email requests to team members


Automate sales activities

Schedule invoices, proposals, requests and tasks — set email alerts for task and deadlines