Overseeing your brand's growth and development, marketing, business strategy and daily operations while still managing networking, traveling, doing speaking engagements and more never stops, and that is great. However, trying to continually stay on top of everything and do it well is definitely a challenge.This shows you are human and not a superhero. Have you ever asked yourself: What do I do now that I have too much to do? Well, here are some ways to tackle it all in your business when there is just so much to do:

  • Keep to a schedule.
  • The most important thing to do is to have a formal structure to the day. It keeps you on task, especially on the daily operations work you have to take care of, plus it helps you carve out time for taking care of all aspects of your business. It takes time at first to plot out what this regimen looks like for you. There are also times you do have to make changes to it. However, the main structure should always stay so you know where to get back to once the unexpected is handled.

  • Technology saves the day.
  • Look for technology that takes out paperwork, is cloud-based so you can use it anywhere, and that integrates with other tools so you can remove repetitive tasks and automate as much as possible. It's essentially delegating much of what you do to technology so you can work smarter.

  • Stay mentally ready.
  • It's important to stay positive, maintain a sense of humor so you see the funny side of even stressful situations, and stay determined to make success happen.

    Surround yourself with positive people who have a similar perspective and enjoy the same adrenalin rush that comes with tackling everything a business can throw at you.

  • Mistakes happen.
  • Nothing is perfect. Recognize where these mistakes occurred, don't beat yourself up over them, and look for ways to minimize or eliminate those from happening again. Everything is a learning experience that has been put in front of you for a reason: You can choose to panic or you can see a way to improve it.

    No one can truly do it all, especially when you hit that tipping point of growth when you start rapidly scaling up. However, these tips and having an extremely awesome team surrounding you can make you come very close to tackling everything that is thrown at you and doing it well.

  • It's okay to delegate.
  • As part of the physical aspects of tackling everything, you should outsource work and delegate to trusted team members.

    It's important to implement this assistance from the start because there will be a point in time when you suddenly realize you can't do it all and have to stop to find others who can come on board. Start with people that you may already trust, including any family or friends who have specific skills that you can work with. Also, add people that come via referrals from trusted colleagues or those within your network. Later on, you can resort to larger talent pools.

    For example, you can outsource your marketing campaign to a marketing company. Your accounts, financial books, as well as site hostings and such, can also be outsourced to companies that exist for that purpose.

    This is what you should do when there is too much to do.

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