Below, we look at some ways you can go about turning your customers into a community of loyal followers thus creating the potential for future sales and growth:

  • 1. Make Increased Engagement Valuable to the Customer
  • Engaging your customer can get very tricky at times. This is why authenticity is key, as engagement incentives risk alienating potential customers who might interpret it as dishonest. To get the best of both worlds, create campaigns that offer more value to your customers.

  • 2. Devote Resources to Channeling Happy Customers
  • Happy customers create a community. But like any other aspect of a business, this doesn’t just happen on its own. Growing and cultivating a community is an active, resource intensive activity that must be given priority and adequate resources. If not, the impact of positive customer experiences can be lost.

  • 3. Keep It Fun & Engaging
  • It’s easy for businesses to look at their online communities as a place where they can relentlessly sell their product. But this doesn’t create an atmosphere that is fun and engaging, and so it’s less likely to be effective. There is a difference between audience networks and social networks – the former may increase your business’ presence, but the latter builds a community.

  • 4. Use Social Media Correctly
  • In terms of tracking and encouraging your customers, social media is one of the most vital things that you can rely upon.With social media, you get a very broad reach. People love using social media, and this is where you have to serve them.

    The more you interact with your clients and prospects and solve their issues on social mediums, the more value you provide them, and the more they like you. After using social media to build that trust and loyalty with your customer, they will be encouraged to share their good experiences with you, and the world.

  • 5. Focus on the Journey
  • Making a sale is the goal of every business, and it’s easy to think that once that milestone is hit, a business and the brand part ways. But customers don’t see it this way at all, and businesses that fail to take this into account are missing out on huge opportunities to have positive stories told about them.

    A good way to combat this is to take the time to outline the interactions between the customer journey and customer experience. Doing so will force your business to think critically about your relationship with customers every step of the way. This, in turn, will allow you to think critically about how to lay the foundations for community so that you will be ready to foster positive engagement in that direction.

  • 6. Take a Data-Driven Approach
  • Make sure your business understands customer engagement. This is measured by identifying key moments in the customer journey, assigning scores to each, and relating them to other key attributes in order to generate an “engagement score”.

  • 7. A Customer-Centric Approach In All Things
  • Ultimately, businesses should treat customer experiences the same way they would any other asset. This means devoting resources to determine the best way to engage them, and understanding how to measure success and failure. By doing this with a constant focus both on the customer’s journey you will be able to cultivate a relationship from the start that encourages and rewards engagement. This is why it is important for you to ask for feedback from your customers. This makes you know what they think about you and what you can do to improve your brand.

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