The UHack West Africa Boot Camp held in Lagos from June 29th through July first, at the African Hub International, Ikeja and it was an awesome time learning about Product Development, Financial Planning and Digital Marketing from experts in the respective fields.

The program kicked off on the 29th, June with tips on product development from the CEO of Termii, Gbolade Emmanuel, and he gave insights on that aspect. 



One of the points he made is that  "Instead of promoting the product first, focus on promoting the VALUE  the product has to offer to the public".  Also, that entrepreneurs must "understand the target market" they want to pitch to and " Value is what sells. Do your research and find out what the public wants. Focus on the Customer".

The second speaker, Femi Fajegbe, spoke on financial planning for businesses. He asserted that businesses need to plan their finances so as to make safe decisions.

Day 2 kicked off with insights on Digital Marketing from Oluwamayowa Oshidero, Digital Trainer at Google and TinklingD. He made salient points on how to go about Online Marketing, and also some benefits of Digital Marketing.

He also advised entrepreneurs to: "Make people SEE and REMEMBER your brand",

"Get people to UNDERSTAND and WANT your brand".

According to him, it's good to ask your customers why they keep on coming back. This helps you understand what your customer prefers.

Day 3 continued with more insights on digital marketing from Mr. Oluwamayowa. His instruction to aspiring or established digital marketers is to "Use the language your target market is comfortable with".

There were also practical sessions, question and answer, and interactive sessions during the course of the program.

In all, those were three days of intense learning and the attendees were able to glean a whole lot from the trainers.

Here are more pictures from the event:

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