So these are some subject line dos and don’ts to help you with your next email campaign.

  • Do: Write The Subject Line Last
  • Wait until you have finalized every other piece of content before attacking the headline or subject line. You may have an idea for your subject line when you’re pulling together an email campaign. But until you’ve selected all copy pieces and written accompanying snippets and headlines, you won’t have the full picture of what you’re really trying to explain. And as a result, distilling your content into one line of text will prove quite challenging.

  • Don't Be Vague
  • Think of the subject line as your first touch point with the recipient. If you don't draw them in right away, you have lost them. Use action verbs that resonate with your recipients as much as possible. Give them the accurate idea of what is in the mail.

  • Experiment
  • You will not know how your audience will react to your subject lines until you actually send them something. Tip: Consider sending two or more subject lines to different segments of your email list.

  • Don't Overdo it with "!!!", ALL CAPS, and other symbols
  • Thread lightly when trying to emphasize your point with caps lock and other symbols. Often times they agitate the recipient.

Writing Subject Lines can be fun and a great way to hone your writing skills and creativity so take your time, give the subject line some thought and follow the aforementioned tips.

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