Activate new customers Via API

Take control of your customer activation process and integrate Termii into your application easily

Activate new customers Via forms

Create multiple forms for multiple customers and hit the ball rolling with your campaigns

Activate new customers Via templates

Save time building forms rather take advantage of Termii's customer activation messaging templates

Simple customer activation Features

With no coding required, you can take charge of your customer activation
process and send awesome marketing messages


Import Leads Manually

Termii places no restrictions on activating leads manually — as a retailer you are free to activate your customers manually


Import via CSV

Upload multiple customers at once using Termii's multi-upload functions — its easy fast and extremely simple


Import Leads via API

We have developers in mind also — as a developer you can take charge of your company's customer activation process and do crazy things


Import Leads via Google

Import your google contacts easily with simple steps and guidelines — you have the freedom to reach your circle