• Design awesome email messages

    You know have the power to design and craft beautiful email messages to sell your products or services. No more spending too much Naira hiring developers, rather with Termii you can easily craft your own message with just one click and share it as a one-time website to multiple customers.

  • Target the right customers

    Sending to a wrong customer is like throwing your money into a black hole. With Termii, the days of wasting your money and time sending email messages to the wrong customer groups are over. Now you can send your email messages to the right target audience and track what interests them the most.

  • Accept payments and subscriptions

    Accept payments from customers by requesting for Termii premium templates that allows payments as well as user subscriptions for products and services. Its really simple and awesome!

Awesome Messaging Features

Craft excellent messages using simple tools that
are targeted to help sellers gain the freedom they
need to sell to more customers


Design Templates Yourself

Take charge of your business — Use Termii's drag and drop design tools to build awesome messaging templates


Share Messages

Share your designed messaging templates across different social media channels using a unique custom generated link


Expand your reach

Gain access to more customers within your industry by buying a Termii license for as low as ₦1400


Send Using Multiple Servers

Push-out your messages using different messaging servers — This saves you money and places you in charge